Radiant Interactions

December 29, 2022
5 min read

Darkness, in all its weighted gravity, rolls in like a fog. And with it, the narratives that haunt our minds - endlessly swirling, elevating, swaying, ever convincing, ever commanding, ever dominating. Their decibels and darkness, deafening.


And then there is me, alone in the darkness, surrounded by a concert of narratives that feast on the mind’s wildest fears and imaginations.


The unyielding pressures of modern life, of digital connectedness, of expectations and of sadness bring forth a feeling of existence that is never quite enough, never quite worthy. This guttural feeling is fueled by a concert of narratives in our mind, a mix of fears, of flight, of expectations that are deafening and at times debilitating. 

“All the shine of a thousand spotlights; all the stars we steal from the night sky, will never be enough. Towers of gold are still too little; these hands could hold the world, but it will never be enough.” – Never Enough, Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

And yet, each of us holds, in the deepest sectors of our mind, a human quality, childlike in its innocence, primal in its power. Born to every human in history: optimism.

And then there is light, a pinhole, a glimpse, a reflection of an optimistic narrative that begins to pulsate, to refract, to glow: I am enough. 

It’s warmth, distant but glowing. With every breath it builds, igniting the primal sense of optimism and illuminating the body, a radiant beacon, first to oneself and then to the world.

This smoldering ember, this source of light can be ignited, by simply stating “I am Enough.” The result is a burst of energy so great, we radiate with brilliant light.

And then there is you, a stranger, a friend, a team member, and a single moment in time, an interaction and a transfer of hope through the beaming glow of radiant optimism. And in that moment you experience from me a transfer of worthiness, a transfer of light: you are enough. 

We are a summary of everything that came before us, and we have the ability, like the butterfly in The Chaos theory, to set off a chain reaction in every human we experience. 

Radiant interactions are simply the transfer of hope from one human to another with the profound implication of setting off mass chain reactions of worthiness and hope. 

I am enough. You are enough.