From the swamps of Louisiana to the bright lights of Hollywood!

Scroll away for a cheeky-look at an unimaginable, yet boldly dreamed career-in-the-making filled with fearlessness, knockouts, creativity, and a whole lotta vulnerability!


I let my mind wander (I hope it comes back).

Launched an electric and eclectic new world where I can freely share my creative expressions with the world. Hey, come experience it next door!

EVP, Brand Strategy, Marketing & Creative

Lights, camera, action. Lots and lots and lots of action.

Transforming blockbuster movies and TV series into beloved global entertainment brands through digital, gaming, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer product expressions and innovations. It’s full-on, a ton of fun and incredibly fulfilling!

Executive Sponsor

Never stop growing.
Never stop learning!

Led an incredible team, on an equally incredible journey, building our division’s diversity, equity, and inclusion plan. A bold vision to transform our corporate culture into a beautiful reflection of the diversity and multiplicity of the world around us.

Lifelong Learner

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it blew my mind.

Went back-to-back-to-back-to school when my unending curiosity met a pandemic and led me to Sloan, Booth and Kellogg for programs in digital transformation, AI, creator marketing and change leadership.

Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Nothing wakes you up like getting knocked out!

Life is not about who you are while winning, but about who you become while getting knocked out. From keynotes to workshops, I traveled the world calling for teams to GET KNOCKED OUT so that you learn how to innovate at your most vulnerable moment, you learn how to be fearless. I traveled the world calling for teams to GET KNOCKED OUT!


The toughest, most adorable bosses I’ve ever had.

Becoming a father of twins reminded me how to see the world through a child’s eyes again, with absolute wonder and amazement! And how to turn a cardboard box into a rocket ship.

SVP, Brand Creative

Dreaming bigger dreams.

Leapt industries, from retail to entertainment, and built an in-house brand agency in the heart of one of the most creative studios in the world and boy did we dream big!

VP Marketing, Brand & Designer Partnerships

Sometimes even a 112-year-old company can make a rookie mistake.

Brilliant vision, phenomenal strategy and break-frame creative can all be undone by losing sight of your customer. Know them, celebrate them, listen to them and innovate with them! In the end, their truth is the only truth. In the end, their truth is the only truth.

Director Marketing, Fashion & Designer Partnerships

Culture never saw it coming.

Hit the bullseye learning to innovate, inspire and ultimately lead fashion marketing for brands and partnership strategies that represented 20% of Target’s total revenue. Hey, we even broke the internet!

Brand Supervisor

They say you’re never more than 10 feet away from 3M science. I was even closer.

This was my first corporate exposure to the power of innovation and creative thinking. I guess you could say it had a lasting impression!


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Whether you are early in your career, late or somewhere in the middle, never stop dreaming of what you can achieve. I haven’t, and it has led me on a career adventure of a lifetime!

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